Better with BetterLegal.

We asked our customers what we did well and what we can do better. Hear from 1012 customers about their experience with BetterLegal.

You stayed on top of me and then offered a discount! Made it easier for me to commit!

PhotoShelby Heller, HellerFit

Timely communication and sending the file of business documents unexpectedly

PhotoKaren Turner McWilliams,

Made the process very simple

PhotoKyle Heath, BtheB Technologies,

Everything was great

PhotoAndrew Hietpas, Bell Paper and Film

easy to use, fast, great explanations

PhotoCaleb Koffler, BLDK Real Estate

I don’t know how you guys could improve. The service was excellent and exceeded my expectations.

PhotoKelly Wallace, ILemonBK

It was very easy and straightforward. Took less than an hour total of work!

PhotoAbraham Mayorga, Dewces

Automated system works but would be nicer if you provided a real human to talk with during process. Maybe provide two levels of service at different prices, i.e. o automated and another with live person to respond to questions and explain ramifications of choices.

PhotoAlana Depew, Parnassus

Fast and easy

PhotoTullio Siragusa, 63publishing

Fast service.

PhotoRichard J Mast, RNK Inspections

So easy! My lawyer was going to give me the “friend” discount and charge me $1,300! And then it was going to take weeks. You guys rock!

PhotoDouglas Boaz Humble IV, Humble Insurance and Financial Services

everything was easy and straightforward

PhotoMichael C Dealy, Miiracle Ranch

Y’all did it freaking fast! Thank you so much for handling this at such a great price.

PhotoStephen Woodroof, Endurance Home Inspections

The process was extremeLy easy but i felt it was a little difficult to go back and change answers as i was filling out the questions

PhotoReed Alvarado, Getting There Transit

Everything was quick and easy

PhotoMichelle Grace Marshall, MGMarshall Photography

It was an extremely easy process.

PhotoGavin Smiley, Great Attractor Studios

I am very happy with everything.

PhotoDominick De La Torre, DLT Homes

It was very quick and professionally done. I would like if they had a sort of dashboard so we can interact with you, and so we can see updated status.

PhotoMeagan McGuirt, McGuirt Financial Solutions

Everything was fine except I was promised 3 day turn around, then I got a notice saying it would be 6 extra days since Florida was delayed and I had 24 hours to cancel for full refund if I wanted... however that went to spam so I didn’t see it for 5 days. It didn’t matter since you were still quickest option but that’s why it’s a 9 not a 10

PhotoWilliam Laurence Luedtke, The Archivers

Fast service and helpful instructions

PhotoLaura Reis, Reis Wellness

It was quick easy and efficient

PhotoKimberly C Burke, Givers Gain

Loved how easy this whole process was. Would definitely recommend to friends looking to set up an LLC

PhotoAnnabelle Schmitt, Mixed Hues

Everything was so easy. I’m not sure if I can think of a single thing that could’ve been done better!

PhotoMichael Hausam, Sr., The Hausam Group

Efficient and effective

PhotoChiwhei Richard Chou, Rich Chou Consulting

Your services are prompt, professional, and reasonable. As far as what you could do better, maybe do some work on your visual aesthetic, your marketing. Legal Zoom almost had just because of the clean look -.-

PhotoIan Reith, 2 Your Success

You need to be more human. You are too machine like. But very effective.

PhotoSegulaYah Almah, Eloah-Elohim

Incredibly easy interface & process.

PhotoDeanna Mitchell, Anniem

It was very easy to fill out the paperwork and the turnaround time was amazing

PhotoSallie Gardiner, Body Soul

Very easy and simple process.

PhotoSharon Peterson, Amalfi Capital

The process to file as an LLC was fast, easy, and inexpensive.

PhotoJudith Keogh, Jo Keogh

On an iPhone XR your site does not render well.

PhotoChristopher Van Winkle, Casitas de Baja

service was personal and on point

PhotoRobert Cast, ChoiceVista

How quickly everything was done was amazing.

PhotoStephen Woodroof, Endurance Home Inspections

Overall great service. My LLC took longer than the 24 hours advertised, but otherwise nonissues

PhotoMichael Ciulla, Predictable Demand

Efficiency was well done. Price could be less.

PhotoJolinor Jaquez, U-Neat

It was a very fast, easy way to open my new LLC.

PhotoNicholas Lowell, Texas Empire Consulting Group

Very quick

PhotoChristopher Scott, LiquidCana

Speed, accuracy, and keeping the client well informed throughout the process ensures peace of mind, and results in a happy customer.

PhotoJon Allen, Woodridge Consulting Group

Signing up w the state was very quick I could suggest to make it as quick for the irs sign up

PhotoKevin Klefti, Klefti Brothers

Contacted me when a name wasn’t available. I don’t like having to give you 3 names from the beginning. I get pretty set on one name, and if it’s not available, it will take a lot of deliberation.

PhotoJohn Harding, 2Kings Fashion

It was efficient and easy. I'm a careful person, personal information is difficult to give out online.

PhotoApril Allan, April Allan

Made it quick and easy

PhotoRobert Israel, Rob Is Coaching

Fast quick service.

PhotoCraig Trainer, Daisy Drafting Design

Quick, efficient & reasonable price point

PhotoRichard Milanese, Jr, New Energy Integration

I think that this was by far the easiest form I ever fill very organized and helpful.

PhotoJoe Alarcon, A-Team Truckin

The creation process was excellent, and when there was a slow down there was a refund for part of the time taken even though it was due to the state. That's amazing customer service.

PhotoChristopher Valore, Club Transcendia

Nothing. This was so easy and painless

PhotoTiffany Brock, Tiffany Brock, REALTOR

It was amazingly quick and easy

PhotoBeckie Choi, Blank Canvas Labs

Very quick and responsive.

PhotoClyde Reece Hill Jr, CHILL

The initial info was quick and easy. Thank you ! The filing took longer than advertised with no communication during the wait unless I initiated it.

PhotoKurt Scott, KWScott Executive Search

It was such a fast and easy process. I have no complaints whatsoever.

PhotoNicky Ottav, Meltdowns

Online form is easy and clear. It's hassle free.

PhotoHelen Ma, HS

Very easy application process and turn around time was as advertised - 2 business days. The additional forms are VERY helpful!

PhotoSandy Harman, EmMed Solutions

Site functionality is great. Member details could be described a bit better

PhotoCaleb Blasingame, Ashley Rae Studio

Everything delivered as promised. Other services deliver a printed binder for the same price. I'm okay with email delivered documents but I think a printed product would be nice to have.

PhotoArmand Girard, Infinternet

Made the entire process easy

PhotoLauren Benge, Admire James Equine Bodywork,

There were a few pieces of information that I had to reach out about given that NY requires a publishing of the LLC. Maybe some extra documentation? The first emails could have been a bit more clear about it taking more than a day to get an answer from the state after filing. I thought somethign was wrong because I didn't even get the filing notice for 3–4 days.

PhotoTravis Schmeisser, Fewer Moving Parts

Fast and simple. Provided everything I need.

PhotoChristopher Adams, Christopher R Adams Real Estate

Great experience all around. Maybe send an email letting you know that your first choice name wasn’t available. Ended up going with my third choice. Was expecting the first.

PhotoShaun Barbour, Become the Shift

It was amazing the speed in which I received my LLC, especially over the Thanksgiving weekend.

PhotoShannon Stephens, Sha Stephens Petroleum Consulting


Do you need a separate entity (LLC/corporation) for your business? Why not just be a sole proprietor?

Better Protection

Entities are typically protected against personal liability for business debts and other liabilities. This means creditors can’t collect your personal assets or the personal assets of your managers to pay business debts and judgments.

Potential Tax Benefits

There are often significant tax savings that can be realized by setting up a separate entity. To begin with, it's simply easier to separate your deductible business expenses from your non-deductible personal expenses.

Deal Certainty

With a separate entity and a good Operating Agreement (LLC) or Bylaws (Corporation), the owners and managers of your business all know what their deal is! No more wondering who's in charge, who owns what percentage of the business, etc.


People tend to see a separate entity such as an LLC or corporation as a more legitimate business than a sole proprietorship. It shows that you take your business seriously and have taken the right steps to protect yourself and your company.

The process was super easy. Instructions easy to read and easy to follow. I completed the online form using a smart phone in under 15 minutes. On the small screen, when I missed a blank, I had difficulty finding my mistake to correct. I scanned the page 3 or 4 times before I located the incomplete line. could you have a button that sends the cursor to the next blank automatically?

PhotoMartha J Harrison, Collier + Capstone

I enjoyed the videos. I’d like to know some CPA’s in the area that could assist. But not you all


Easy process and simple walk through

PhotoWarren Kull, WDKull Real Estate Partners

Very prompt and very satisfied!

PhotoRobert W. Parenton III, DNA iQ Sound Labs

Turned everything around in 24 hours!

PhotoKevin Wilmore, Zia Southwest

Easy to use and walk me though. It seemd all the key things I needed to know were available. You replied to my questions and didn't seem to sneak any other add-ons in. The chat feature was good. I felt like I was dealing w a real person who was honest an said "Let me check, this may take a few". One of my questions was rather complex and the rep kept me hanging for a while, I finally gave up. An indication of "sorry, we're not able to answer. plese check w an attorney" would have been nice. I also found your FAQ and info helpful.

PhotoBeth Olarsch, Blue Light Advisors

The ease of use was fantastic. Everything was very simple. I would add more information about the benefits and pitfalls of an LLC

PhotoBrandon Riggins, The Riggins Brothers

Very simple. No changes needed.

PhotoCutise Boswell, Cutise Boswell

Fast, responsive, i'm not sure what else you can ask for!

PhotoAdrian Lumley, Lumley

You did everything right and in a very short timeframe. I am impressed!

PhotoEdward G. Martel, Kirby Home Solutions,

My experience was great. It was easy, fast and matched my expectations.

PhotoTerri C. Harrison Dowtin, Assort Media

Here's what you did great: you formed my LLC in 2 days at a reasonable price. You offered a product that is just not available anywhere else. This is amazing.

PhotoJonathan Bernstein, Barricade Publishing

You were slick. More communication helps though.

PhotoGuru Prasad Acharya, BAGTek Solutions

So quick and easy!

PhotoEileen Neumann, Necessary Media

Did well: Fast service, helpful insight via customer service. Could do better: a little more patience / empathy from customers service reps. The help was direct and to the point which was helpful. I did feels a little like my questions were considered low level or self explanatory. This LLC / tax stuff can be a little confusing for someone starting their first business.

PhotoJohn P Boilard, Fifty-Nine Parks

Signing up with better legal is easy and clear. Communication on the process is pretty complete and the turn around time is as promised. What could be better is even though i sign up through the website, i dont seem to have an account there and cannot simply register so i can't interact with the company. I was hoping for a state certificate or license i can hang but didnt get anything like that. I was pointed in the direction of the state website but no instruction on navigating it. A less than satisfactory review will get you some customer service though so i appreciate the follow through.

Matthew Turner, Djaytwitch

Great turnaround.

Jack Thomas, Rask Realty Investments

Speed would be better, but I understand that that's not something always under your control.

Joseph Demalderis, Cross Current Travel

Very quick, thorough, and professional.

Joseph Gallagher, Final Sigma

Everything love ur partners too!!

Sommer Curtis, Sommer's Epoxy Art

Fast and efficient in getting me setup, I really appreciated that. However, I didn’t receive a more detailed receipt so now a few weeks since I’ve signed up and I’m not sure what I’ve paid for. But I appreciate the responsive and well prepared team.

Kelvin Lawrence, Lawrence Lifestyle

Great to work with, fast and great service

Michael Mueller, LP 40

fast respond

William Patterson, Patterson Power Cleaning

All of my documents were generated perfectly and I coild have been more pleased. Thank you so much.


Very fast, you can improve in how to choose your category

Oksana Velyla, INNOVO Group

Did well: Timely preparation of incorporation documents and registrations.

Philip Reed, eKart Racing

Pricing was competitive, but if anything could be done better, that'd be it.

Chris DeLine, Razzle Dazzle Cedar Rapids

Everything was done very well considering this was between the two major holidays. I had to dissolve one LLC, and you all started the new one. Thanks!

Tracye Robbins, Magnified Grace Enterprise

Nothing, I didn’t have access to the account board but that’s understandable as you’re upgrading the user experience. Before placing the order letting customers know if there’s a state delay would also be very helpful I’d assume.

Yervand Setoyan, Angels In March

Very easy to use and clear communication.

Austin Busse, Cypress

Efficient. Please make sure I no longer receive mailings from related companies selling forms etc

Christine Primiano, Christine R Primiano Consulting

The service was fast and easy, and delivered on everything that was promised.

Dylan Carroll, Blue Frog Floors

The process was simple, you did all the work with the state

Jeffrey Goss, Cheesy Does It,

All around, you did a good job.

Vernon Martin, Homes4U

quick and easy, better explaining services


It was a great experience..thanks guys

Ward Danielson, Draw dogs

The team was very responsive to my emails and called me often

Alexandra Portillo, Alexandra's Learning Community

Very easy and straight forward instructions

Michelle Meyer, Peaceful Hope

The information was great and fast moving on the application process.

Darryl Coleman, True Healing Counseling and Consultation Services

A live person follow up to confirm that documents sent will complete the setup process, perhaps?

Amy Blackwell, Blue Tinsel World


Maurice Dayan, New Beach International,

Quick and easy to complete. No complaints. Service did as it advertised.

Alyssa Broshar, BloomIN Therapy

Filing my business was quick and complete, more information was asked by your company than other companies doing the same services, which I thought was great.

Aaron Kekoolani, Keko Co

I had to follow up to receive documents and then 1 item was missing. I was able to get everything eventually and fairly easily so it was still worth it.

Kenneth Byers, Byers Farm South

You all did great! Zero defects!

Shawn McNicol, United Legacy

When I email them, they're quick and responsive — significantly faster than I'd expect.

Hatz, Redwood Studios

Timely responses and prompt delivery of services

Kiel Myers, Myers Landscape

Everything went well -

Michael Gillespie, Coordinated Construction Solutions

Very quick and efficient

Carole Calvert-Baxter, True North Counseling and Somatic Movement Therapy

Fast turnaround, helpful customer service

Asha Knutson, Knutson Research

It was very easy to do and was done very quickly and at an affordable price! I’m extremely happy with your service!

Jonathan Heaner, Anvil Professional Consulting

BetterLegal formed my LLC in a timely manner. They asked questions about my business that other companies like their’s didn’t.

Aaron Kekoolani, Keko Co

Filing the LLC and sending me the necessary documents to go with it.

david KEARBY, Infinity Sports

Excellent service

Robert Newton, Newton Pit

Better Legal does move fast, but I do feel they should have better deadlines with the states to receive paperwork and files back.

xxxxx, xxxxx

Fantastic no problems less than 10 minutes

Kimberly Paternoster, 13063 Erdman Road,

I liked the simplicity of supplying necessary information needed.

xxxxx, xxxxx

Very fast service!

xxxxx, xxxxx

Everything was great

Reginald Dudley, The Dudley Company

Y’all did good all the way around for me.

Joseph Petrey, Joe Buddy’s Transportation

Set up was simple. No complaints

Fritzson Louis, Comfy Cottage

Communicated with me through the entire process. It was so quick and easy.

Amyle Moore, Wall Candy

Very fast set up and reasonable cost

Simple Solution Homes Inc, Willow Tree Investors

Got my llc filed in a timely manner

Joseph Terrell, G6 Logistic Solutions

Betterlegal helped me get my LLC in 5 days. When I contacted them they instantly reached out to me and it made me feel comfortable knowing my business startup was in the great hands of betterlegal.

Miguel Hendry, Allstar Handyman

Communication was great

Salvador Andrade, Andrade Homes

Complete and Fast very satisfied

Harry Rissley, L3 Diversified

it was so fast

Anthony Mancuso, MSC Auto Sales

it was a great experience - super easy

Ramon Hernandez, Built On Blessings

Did all my road work for me.

Ralph Ramos, G-AAAO Properties

Your YouTube marketing The multiple options that you offer to facilitate your Customer. Quick response and breakdown of Specific need your Customer have

Clayon Westney, Grand Line Plumbing

The only thing I would change would be letting people know that exactly what they type is what will be on the Operating Agreement. I feel like I would've gone in more detail and used better grammar.

Frederick Hinojosa, Diamond Mobile Detailing

It was easy, but the website was frustrating that every time I needed to step away, I had to go through all the screens again.

Marc Pedersen, Pedersen Trading

Smooth transition to being registered. Customized Real Estate operating documents would’ve been helpful.

Mary Livingston, Livingston Funding

Fast and efficient

Bradley Weld, Weld Enterprises

Todo bien 👍

Celvin Cantarero, Celcan

expediency!! the process was fast

James Bradley, JamMedia Productions

you were incredibly prompt and communicated great

Joseph Nachtrab, Barthcan

Quick and easy process!

Celeste Handy, Celestionary

Made it super easy

Xochitl Chafino, Loco Xolo

Customer service is very good and fast processing I like it

Amgad Eldakhakhny, DoozyHomey

Everything went well

Eddie Bogart Cook, SWYag

I have no complaints

Michael Wilson, MW Vinyl Design

Explaining the process

Brian Rosner, Rosner Contracting

Answer your phone

Michael Garcia, Impact Drywall And Paint

Everything. Just that, one might know they will have to publish their llc in two news articles. Can you explain that earlier

Pauline Clerk, Zion Hills

Very smooth process thus far and super quick!

Brian Von Lehmden, Von Lehmden Films

Very timely, excellent customer service.

Jake McCoy, LogicalOps Consulting

The service was expedited quickly.

Jeff Dinehart, Sunrise Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Everything was done great

Richard Taylor, Paper Chasing Transport

You were great, very easy to follow instructions

Elvio Silva, 17C

Wonderful experience

Ana Cardoso, Central Coast Solutions

Smooth and easy process

Kevin P Norman, Milargo Azul

BetterLegal made the entire process so easy! I was able to focus on my business while they were able to get the process of getting my LLC started.

Hailey Mathis, Highway Hippie


Masaki Kobayashi, Kobayashi Seafood

Processed my LLC docs with no wait. Fast and efficient.

Brandon Brown, iCredit Logistix

BetterLegal was extreme easy and efficient to use.

Isaac Rodriguez, Mendocino Melting Company

The process overall went well. The small items I'm needing to follow up on are with regards to the language of the operating agreement. There are some items that I would have liked to be in there but to my current knowledge, it appears that the operating agreement is quite flexible after the fact.

Ernesto Gutierrez, Avocado Cookie World

Took care of everything and fast; received my paperwork in just a few days with zero hassle. Totally worth the cost!

Martha Anne Price, Natter Publishing Company

Great communication all the way through. Really great job guys

David McCann, M

The process was easy and fast


Your turnaround time for this process was amazing.

Keith Burgess, WeCanMarryU2 Wedding Officiants

Agents need to recognize time zones. I rec'd two calls back to back at 1 a.m. telling me my information was ready.

Jennifer Joyner, 1st Choice Management

You did so well by response it’s easy to reach your team it’s greatly thanks a lot

Mohammed Josim Uddin, MOHAMMED JOSIM UDDIN

Good at answering back. Although since the process took so long to get it filled threw the state. You should mention that in the advertising. Keep customer updated weekly and remind them that its still processing and in review in pennsylvania ect… so they feel tended to.

Taylor Thomas, TMTdigitalmarketing

Making sure you speak to the person

Robert F Williams Sr, Iola

Fast results


Everything and the constant contact on the status was amazing!!

Nicolina Anderson, Elkwyld Designs

Don’t know if you can it was pretty awesome

Wade Flint, Flint Home Services

Quick and Easy process, Terrible customer service and response time

Shelby Blair, Shelby Ann Designs

Did a great job explaining things and fast service.

William Webb Jr, Right Way 2 Go

Service was great and pain free

Henry Webb, Great8 transport

Created, submitted, and done in less than 24 hrs. I was impressed!

Todd Thompson, Thompson Lawn Services

Messaged back fast. Offered tax help

Amy Leyba, Happy Camper Camping

Process was seamless and very intuitive; couldn't ask for more

Kevin L Franklin, K3 Legacy

Speed was amazing

LATORRI RIVERS, TRivers Logistics

All good, helped me get going

Robert Bremmer, Quad Cities Property Service

Quick easy

Tyler Wiarda, TC Tree Removal

Faster turnaround

Armanie Deleon, Congo Capital

Quick and easy. One thing is when is was time to get the final notification I didn’t know who it was coming from because it said “do not reply” in the title. Maybe something more clear as to who the confirmation of business email is coming from would be helpful. I actually missed it the first time around as it expired so had to do it again and scroll down and rally check who it was being sent from.

Philicia Douglas, Sky Bleue House

charge less than $400

Gad G Gadelhak, Trifid

The process was simple and very quick.

Chris Brand, Vol Automation

Everything was great it went very smooth

Micheal Tatum, Tasteful Cuisine

You did a great job, no room for improvement yet

Peter Young, Infrastructure Technology Solutions

The application process was okay. I just wish it was easier to understand (terms wise) for an international applicants.

Kimberley Ennis, KEE Solutions Office

Very quick and efficient with great communications

Sharon M Netzel, Netzel Eagle Express

Quick and efficient

Raymond Lynsky, Lynsky Youngstown Rental

Staying in contact but your chat feature needs improvement.

Maykelin Parker, My Key Essentials

Everything was done well. Communication was outstanding.

Robert Mirabile, Shermer Coating Company

Quick filing was great. Price was a little higher compared to other online legal services.

Madison Gramling, Good Bull

You did what you said you would do. Get me my Business license.

Timothy Alcon, TaoTao Online

Overall I'm really thankful for your services.

Oston Osotonu, O

Very easy, very fast! Loved it. Overall, 10 out of 10. Better? Well, when 2 people are forming the LLC and they are married, the last question is about marriage. It seems like that could be up front to possibly save some input (address duplicates over and over, etc.)

Ken May, Amayzing Properties

So easy; gave me confidence

Gabrielle Nelson, Rodenhus Group

Did everything I needed done and was done quickly with no issues.

David Clow, Northern Lights Pilot Car Service

The process was fast and easy. I love how y'all was updating my information as soon as y'all received it. The response times are fast. I received all of my documentation.

Keona Cooper, Suave Kings

very easy to understand.

Gerardo Corona, Recon Capital Group

Super simple.

Jeremy Chavez, SoCal Safety

Made the process simple, easy and fast.

James Coomer, The J Ratliff Company

Ease of use, nice if there was a better ux portal and focus on email updates.

George Ko, George Ko

Everything and nothing

Latundria Anquanetta Miller, 387 Entertainment

EVerything came through in good shape. Nothing sloppy. The turn-around was longer than promised.

Christopher Nye, Springboard Gap Year

Easy process

John Gazonas, Aristotle Mining

everything was precise

bernard gilligan, bernienpenny enterprises

Documents were sent as promised. Email explained everything clearly:

Emese Balogh, Marketing with Emma

Would be nice to have “next step” guidance for new business owners

Ronny Rodriguez Lloro, Centellar Technologies

You guys made the process easy for new enterprises like mine. Where you can do better is, I received my documents after I followed up, but it is Ok.. Because it was still a very very quick turnaround.. Happy with the service.

Pranitha Annajigari, Acumant

You actually did what promised in a timely professional manner

Donald Keith Hatter, Mad Hatter's,

You were very quick just as your site promised! I had actually checked with another company and they said it could be weeks before my business could be established. I was in a crunch for tax purposes so thank you so much!

Shirley Rayhon, Vintage Soul Creations

Very professional and fast service.

Raymond Bernard Drummer II, Drum Legacy

I have ZERO complaints. I was a paralegal years ago and you guys are the bomb! So quick, so easy and so thorough!

William Watson, WFW Real Estate Consultants

Knowing that it is my first business to open up how how stressful it was for me to open up a company but you guys made it very easy you guys done everything the turnaround time was right on the dot no issues everything was 100%

joseph gilligan, J

I have asked twice to be connected to have you as the registered agent for the LLC. I can't seem to get anyone to help me with that.

Robert Markham, A-Mark Agricultural Engineering

Took a little longer then posted but over all 👍🏾..

Shabocker Rawls, Rawls Logistics

fast and reliable

Fawn Shang, Hawaii Smart Homes

Y'all did well on getting my llc filed with my state very fast and I can't think of anything that Y'all can do better on just keep up the great work

Alan DeBoer, Country Boy Can Survive Express

Everything was great

Ronald Walker, Sunrider Transport

Little bit lower price

Thomas Williams, Last Arrow

Quick. Efficient. Informative

Cleveland Reddick, 9th Street Holdings,

You made the process very easy and affordable!

Charles Smith, Baby I'm A Star

Process is simple and I was well informed.

Alexander Mendoza, Mendotech

Service was prompt and the chat effective.

Jeffery Kazembe Batts, KazCan Services

Everything went smooth and extremely fast. Real easy people to deal with.

Greg McGregor, GMC Construction

Very quick, recommendations to partners, corporate forms. Not sure what you can do better

Herbert Joseph Cabral, Cabral Neurodiversity Services

Supportive and professional approach. 24/7 online support would be greatZ

Ricardo Gonzalez, Golden State Events Consulting

Very smooth and easy

Lynn Hayungs, Railcar Leasing Specialist

Everything was easy and simple

Oleg Novenko, Novenko

Everything was perfect

kilsy abreu, allwaysunshine

Timing expectations

Nicholas J Karatzas, AI

Timely and professional. Great communication.

Shana Dee Schutte, Single Over 30

easy application

Rhanee Palma, Rhanee Palma

It was quick and easy. Appreciate the efficiency.

Elizabeth Millan, Millan Homes

absolutely amazing service

Garth Beveridge, 450 Logistics

You were fast and through

Kejuan Harrison, Dat Southern Pack

It was simple and fast. Rapid response, but by email.

Kimberly Kurtz Schunk, North Shore Wellness

It was fast

Chris T Washburn, DLL Development

Everything was very timely, I’m now able to build my future thanks betterlegal !

Daniel Jimenez, jimenez atm's

You responded back in a timely manner

Phillip L Jones Jr, Jamp Transportation

Easy and Fast

Courtney White, Aesthetic Culture

The process is so simple

Jose Valdez, ServicePro Construction

Explain the process

Abner Rodriguez, Cedar Point Homes

Extremely Easy Beyond super fast. I completed the process over the weekend and woke up Monday morning with my LLC completed. I never review anything but I had to leave this just because it was great and delivered everything advertised

Ryan Martin, Fear Clothing Brand

Better communication

Sunny Gonzalez, Sunny Time Heating

Quick and easy

Jennifer Thorne, Future Legend

Speed of filling was awesome. However lack of customization was unavailable to add customization.

Kathleen Howard, Cinnamon Girls

Everything went exactly as advertised, Completely satisfied with the results.

Kevin Cantrell, CTS Industries

I did not receive a confirmation that the form was submitted. It would have been nice.

Jeffrey Cone, Cross Fox Holdings

Turn around time was quick and painless!

Ella Cheyanne Tesar, A

Extremely timely - no suggestions of improvements

Melody L Tenhoff, Vine Street Creations,

Very fast and efficient


Very fast. Expectations met.

Andrew Tilbury, 40 E78TH ST 7A

All was good.


Amazing experience, Keep up the great work.

Michael Blair, Salvation Towing

Setting it up went well but communication by phone or email initiated by me was poor.

Timothy D Greenawalt, Families Fun

Phone calls

Krystal A Shannon, The Snack Break Vending Service

Phone calls

Krystal A Shannon, The Snack Break Vending Service

Very easy and fast

Louis Monthey, Century Coins and Bullion

Easy process

Steve Villanueva, Newcastle Holdings

very prompt and good communication

William Christopher Dunlop IV, Starfire Relaxation Retreat

Fast. Quit emailing me

Lynn Chewning, Next generation tyedyes

Communication is very well


Was very efficient

Mason Brawley, Brawley Arnold Group

Answering questions right away and being so helpful.

Rafael Rodriguez, R

Quick and responsive. Don't change anything

Garrett Cavaiuolo, MC Surveying

Made everything simple

Jobe Ontiveros, Daily Risk Taker Enterprises

It was quick, easy and affordable

Lilli Correll, Resolve to Rise

Getting my LLC so fast was the best service. Thank you

Raymond Lascano, Mr Lascanos Pressure And Soft Washing Services

you are doing well


Communicate the steps associated with the filing.

Kevin Lincoln, Credible Solutions

overall process to complete the llc application was fast and efficient. the chat function on the website (which appears to the primary way of initiating questions) is impersonal and way too automated. takes a long time to receive responses.

Lori Carrion, NeatWorks

You had a lot of communication with me and kept me updated in every step you took.


No issues, everything went smoothly and very fast

Yann Roussillon, ResNovas Learning

online support for questions

Merrie Farley, Farley Market Research

Very quick incorporation, excellent communication throughout. We'll see what happens with additional services requested.

Sarah Crawford-Najafi, Haute Interiors


Christopher Scaife, Rolling Foward

You guys covered all the bases. Well done!


The whole process was very easy!

Angela Loreto, Loreto's Italian Specialties

Easy to use

Kimberly Krivokucha, Salon You

Fast, and affordable

Monica Pareso, Performance Pro's

Customer service and professionalism

Shequita Rogers, RPG Legal Nurse Consulting

Not much. It was pretty easy. Now i would’ve actually like to have spoke to someone. I still have a questions.


Made it more simple than I could have imagined

Chris Firesinger, Arc A Tech Solutions

fast, easy and efficient

Robert Sapio, Bob Sapio Logistics

th eentire process was easy

Shawn Bradley, W.D.R. Reach and Uplift Foundation

Great and profissional job

Ehab Armanious, Armanious Rehab

You did an excellent job and I there is not anything I can think of for you to do better! Keep up the good work😊

Daphine Brown-Jack, Brown Jack Books

Very satisfied

Tammy Oconnor, Wildside Spray Foam

Made the process easy

Ricardo Martinez, Connected Technology Group

great experience, fast!

Ethan Colburn, Brevard County hurricane shutters

I think there could be a little more education on the long-term responsibilities and needs of an LLC.

Delgado Ian Corcoran, Corcoran Creative

Everything was easy. I was satisfied

Eugene Bourgeault, Elevation Safety Services

everything well

Beverly Ann Curtis, Historical Films/Media Magic

You were very quick. Other companies question me about what you had or hadn’t included you guys nailed it. Information was put out so fast that the business owner didn’t have time to take it all in. Maybe have a step by step process with the owner.

Timothy Twiggs, Twiggs Trucking

Complete everything with in a day

Peter McGuire, PMG Digital Consulting

Processed my llc

Kenneth Dawson, Sovereign Investors Group

I had to go back and follow up to see where my documents were at and it turns out they were finished but not sent to me. Also I had to remind you of getting my EIN

Guillermo Aguilar, AP Restoration

Filed in a timely but sent my paperwork late and a lack of communication.


Communication was great. No complaints

Andrew Jenkins, Brighten Florida

Stress free for me, the client

Matthew Wheeler, Narrow Path Studios

Very time Efficient

Shannon Denise Walters, Savvy Sales Marketing

Following up next steps on like websites creation


The turn around time was amazing!!

Joshua Fafard, J

Seem less process

Clifford Howlett Jr, Artemis Services

Excellent job

Donnie A wright, Wright Furniture Services

Taking the headache off me and handling everything

Laura Howell, L*A* Services

easy process

Lisa Weilert, The Weilert Agency


Michael Vaughn, mv sales and marketing

The process of giving information for my company was simple and quick. The support services that are offered are important for new businesses. When I had questions someone responded quickly.

Ammidah Ross, Precious Gems 21

Everything was quick and easy.

Kerri Nachreiner, Power Helpdesk

Very easy process to start my LLC

James Iyampillai, ElMaNo Enterprises

Very helpful

Arthur Ellis, R.v.Ellis Pressure Washing


Elba Garcia, Pedro Quintero Transportation

Made it fast and easy to start my LLC

Chelsea Smith, Triple Moon Teas

Communication with all systems was great.

Christopher Shelton, ChrisRyan

The whole process was very easy and convenient.

Nick Lovelace, Power Wash Pros

Did a great job would recommend to others

Carlyle Moore, C

Got it to me in a timely matter and very helpful with the process with the information about being late or everything i needed to start

Aigner Brown, 2nd Shot Rentals

Efficient quick response

Della V Bobb, Coral Reef Cuisine

Everything was done in excellence. Your a 5 star business. I’m well please with your Customer service. Thank you for doing such a great job.

Belinda Marie Rorie, Marie's Property Rentals

Fast and easy. Well worth the money. The only thing that I could say that could be better is the one time I tried to chat and they were not very responsive.

Richard Huff, Lion

Y’all did great and we appreciate everything

Russell Hope, Arbor Life

Fast service, easy application!

Jenna Kaczmarski, Kazmarski

You were awesome, made it so easy!

Adam Grandi, Desert Ground

The Speed of the process and excellent communication

Nathaniel Tracy Kulikowski, Photography by Nathaniel

Excellent service

Konstantinos Koutelos, KK Medical Consulting

Very quick and easy to use

Pamela Walker, Parkenzie

Less expensive

Thomas Serfass, Angry Owl Acres

Fast and understandable process, will help out to see a digital tracking of the process like dominos lol

Charles Garcia, Mr. Pickles

This is as great and I appreciate all the work. Thank you for your responsiveness.

Scott Staton, Scott Staton

You made it simple. And we're helpful.

Cindy lansenderfer, C

Timeliness and communications was outstanding.

Meredith Wilber, Atlantean Wellness

The process is VERY simple and quick. Questions make it easier for a layperson to fill out the documents.

Kyle Brett, POAL Productions


Antonio Hatter, Black Belt Cleaners

Simple fast and affordable

Laura Jilke, Jilke JOD

Paper work submitted on time

Rene J McNeal, R.J. McNeal Entertainment,

Very easy transaction

Paul Parmenter, Swanriver Industries

the speed was phenomenal, I expected it to take over a week, but pretty much over night

Paul Perusse, Tinkling

The turn around time was great!

Peggy L Jones, 50-year

Everything was phenomenal- as advertised

Ugonna Anyaugo, Sam Rose Podiatry

I was ecstatic about everything except the 2am phone call and texts. Great work. Great service. Would recommend to anyone who wants to simplify their life!

Claudia Tamburro, Alta Franchise Consulting

The process was very easy and quick. Adding a registered agent was a bit strange though. It was probably just a web/user interface problem though.

Scott Oliver, Manatee CNC Works,

Speedy service with no fluff or annoying ads

Christopher Campos, A Good Man To Have Around

I dont know how much better it could go made sense and was very fast

Darren Martinez, Property Support Group

Ease of use, intuitive, and very well guided.

Alejandro Sinisterra, Bioport Consulting

Nothing I can think of.

Steven Hendren, SkyAbleTech

Better communication

Jacqueline Poles, FHL Network

Y’all made it an easy process

Venmartin Cortinas, Cortinas Handyman Services

It was an easy experience.

Catherine Patzen, Lewis Maven

Delivery in 3 days was AMAZING! This whole process from an industry perspective could be cheaper. Everyone charges waaay too much. It should be $199.99 flat fee to complete this process.

Joseph Pobee, Dream by Design Properties

Easy quick efficient

James Saam, Platinumxlii Professional Services

Communication was always consistant

Tanya Williams, Corner Stone PHC,

Faster processing

Alexandra Kaifos, AandAviptransport

You kept me informed at every step of the process with the status of my application. I was disappointed that I was not made aware prior to purchase that my state's filing delay was like 20 days (i was informed after purchase with option to cancel) as I needed to get filed ASAP... but other alternative services that were either free or lower cost would most likely have been just as fast considering the state's filing delay.

Cameron Suorsa, sidekickk

Answer the phone when questions are needed

Tyrone Anderson, TyNetMedia

Explain what may be included in State Compliance package

Jeremy Reimann, Results In Site Clinical Research Consulting

It was quick and you guys did everything I really need so no worries everything is good

Sandra Giuliano, FSG Tech Services

Very smooth transaction

Wayne Moomjian, Waynes Water Worlds

Complete and timely and easy to do.

John Korsah, Aries Consolidated

You all did amazing

Sandtrice Moore, Boujee Baby Lounge

Fast and convenient!

Ynez Curiel, Paint

LLC formation cost was competitive, and speed was A+++

David Cox, Seven Consulting

Time getting the job done was great.

Jimmie Norris, New Adventure

The process was clear, simple and easy

Rozana Marcelin, ROZANA FASHIONS

more clear instruction

Lorder Huang, Redrol Durham,

The process was smooth and quick

Howard Tavares, Solid Rock Home Repair

Filed my paper work fast. Recommed CPA's to help

Mark Dumais, Woodridge Property Management

Quick replies via email!

Corey Gooden, Gooden Investments

You did it all. Maybe give examples of names that are similar to what the customer wants. Or the opposite ll, list all the names that are similar to what the customer chose so they can make something not created instead of having to research it themselves. Do that and I bet you guys could charge more.


You did everything all I had to do was sit back and wait for the results. Very easy and great job.

Thomas Shuler, GT Notary

Honestly, I don’t see any way to do it better than it was done! After I registered, paid my fees, I received regular updates via email, phone, and text, of the progress to completion of my new LLC.

Joshua Canales, JWC Safety Services

The process was pretty smooth, but the communication could have been better. I questioned at times if this was a real business because of the lack of direct contact at times. It was a bit copious to get a live and personable individual on the line. Spending money with a business and trusting your personal information being entered through the internet has its own uncertainties. So more personable service and engagement.

Maury Mourning, B Free 2 Fly International

All your communications were superb and timely. Any questions I had got answered. I could not believe how rapidly you were able to get everything completed and sent to me.

Harlow Stevens, Mightstone,

Very easy and hands-off application process. I used the online chat and someone always got back to me with answers to my questions.

Neal Calanni, Discover Product Insights

Everything was great

Donyeah Mayfield, Beyond Blessed Stays

Nothing thank you

Steven Madison, xtreme electric

Great customer service and fast process!

Nana Dooreck, Do Wreck Enterprises

Everything was done in a timely manner and perfect!

Sheronnica Ashford, SweetLoud Candles

You did fantastically in all areas thank you!

Charlie Ayers, New Minglewood Hospitality

Website was very simple and easy to follow along

Grady Boothe, Boothe Properties

respond email in a time manner, but online chat should be more time available.


I could have used a little help and no one was there to help but I understand I was doing it after normal business hours

George Smelt, Roadside guardian

Quick turnaround nothing


All of the paperwork was completed in an orderly time. When I asked how much longer it would take, the customer service was very quick in responding and I got my paperwork that day.

Cacee Coheley, Remedy Hair Design Studio

nothing i can see needs to change it fast and good

Paul Key, Dynasty Fencing

All that I could not do

Josephine Rivera-Vasquez, M

quick and informative

Lauren Marrero, Relacher Swimwear

everything was excellent and easy

Yoana Trejo, Luvsstudio

Everything was very easy to understand. The few things that I wasn’t clear about had videos explaining everything in simple layman’s terms and gave examples. I received all of my documents the SAME day! The pricing was also great. There was no up selling of products that weren’t necessary for my needs.

Tonnichia Skinner, Four Paws Down

Include business card and brochure availability

Armand Ethier, Iron

You went beyond my expectations.

Bobby Massey, Overages Advisor

Exceeded expectations with a solid operating agreement that requires little change. Communication was spot-on.

Michael Balaban, Knights of the Road Holding Company

Everything. Great turn over time.

Clay Forrester, The Forrester Company Limited

More communication

James Armstrong, RocketLife resources

Fast and easy, just as advertised!

Lesley Joseph, Jo Solo

You took care of all the necessary documents in a timely manner. Directions were concise and to the point. There were no gray areas. I wish I received the documents via mail as well to have a paper copy to present to banks or accountants.

Teressa Cooper, Teressa Cee

Worked fast

U’Teeva Mathis, BueShee Boxes

You made the entire process easy! You even included short videos with some of the questions for clarification.

Nalida Besson, Whole Health Holistic Coaching


Paul Young, MatterUprise

User friendly website, great customer service and fast service. I appreciate the referral partnerships.

Michele Greene, Group Capital Investments

Everything was great and easy.

Jessica Miller, Casa Reverie Co.

Just The Overall Assistance. The Video Call And All The Other Phone Calls Were Extremely Helpful.

Jaron Lee, Lee Jaron Clothing

You guys got everything I needed fast and easy. Filed over the weekend and by Monday everything was there! Amazing!

Roy Caine Jr, Stone Chosen Recordings

It all falls under communication, and that has been good so far!

Michael Ovalle, Baseball Xtreme

Everything went well...COVID caused delays from your guarantee but I was advised and agreed! Keep doing what you are doing. I am happy! John Maurer

John Maurer, Recycle Discounters

Was very simple to navigate through the steps, no complaints here :)

Miranda Nelson, Pastaffair

Provided clear communications, instructions and status

Susan Colucci, Susan P. Colucci

Easy and fast

Felix Hathcock, Felix's Lawn Care

The easiness of the process of setting up my company.

Dyanne Jackson, Mazikeen Essentials

I appreciated the click here explanations and video explanations, it was helpful in filling out the paperwork.

Lenna Anderson, Waifu Nails

Great service and fast at the best price.

Andrew Kosevich, The Shack on the Hill

You're awesome 👌🏽


I did not have any complaints great job

Billy Garrett, B

This was very easy to complete and the turnaround time was much fasted than promised.

Jamee Emens, BB

I wish it didn't cost so much but otherwise I was happy.

Justin Stuber, Stuber's Lawn Care.

Did everything great

Paul Young, MatterUprise

Everything was done very professional from start to finish

Gregory Greene Sr, MAD Daiquiris And More

It was a quick turn around from submission to the paperwork coming back. Can’t ask for more. Great work.

Matthew Beamer, ITM Media

Very easy service

Robert Martin, BlingsNThings

All good!!!

David Snelling, ZMM Investments

You did all the hard legal work and gave me a finished product with clear instructions on how to do the things that only the company owner could do.

James Asberry, Jr., Coalt Holdings

Everything was great

Toddrick Campbell, JT Express Transportation

My filing took no time It was easy and fast great job.

Roddey Johnson, RLJ Estates


Alcapone Foster, Felix Transportation

I loved your simplistic forms and fast service! You could improve by offering more informative videos that explain the different ways to file an LLC. I spent hours researching the best set up option for a husband and wife to file a new business LLC in the state of AR.

Melissa Parrish, Real World Travel

Cost effective and efficient

Jessica Urbanick, Lake Shore Cabin Resort

The waiting time for documents to be approved was perfect.

Artavius Carter, RAUJ Transport Service

Simple process, straightforward UI, fast turnaround

James Fiero, The Fiero Group

Very fast and easy, just a little expensive.

Ebony Murphy, Crystal Clear Paw Haven

Everything. Kept in the know on paperwork email me if any issues came up

Aaron Dawson, King Ghadorah Transport

Easy, speed, and pricing were great.

Kelly Bandstra, Clover Leaf Kitchen

Keep doing business the way you’re doing it now.

Ashley Sykes, Mama D’s Kitchen

No complaints. You honored your word is what you did well, and thats enough

Curtis Ball, Face2Face Productions

Easy and prompt

Lisa Stoelting, Saltwater Breeze

You guys were very fast and precise with everything.

Tequila Chestnut, Second Chance Services

Quick and on point

Jeremy J Kruse, Air Specialist

I need an LLC and EIN got them both in 2 days. Thanks great job.

Robert Nierman, C

It was handled expeditiously and professionally!

Gary Heim, Guadalupe Trading Company

One Stop shop was great and the price seal the deal compare to others

Jasper Holmes, J Holmes Enterprise

Let me know if it’s been approved

Deanthony Lewis, Push!Camp Athletics

Very quick service. Stephen was very helpful with any questions I had. He even answered on the weekend.

Tammy Mayes, FaceUp

The process was very painless and fast and super affordable!

Zane Graser, ZGDropship

I think u did great I love you guys!

Charisse Siple, Siple family Jump house party rentals

Good system

Tiffany Lassek, Lassek Counseling and Coaching

The process was quick, easy and cost-effective.

Patricia Crawford, Land

Very timely

Guy Shelton, RMG Outdoor Services

Quick return, good information for people new to starting a business, could improve on the information given to new business owners.

Aaron Olivares, Panther City Remodeling

your job and what you can do better just keep doing your job

Heath Feasel, Feasel Trucking

I would appreciate a "save" button so that you could hold your work and resume after logging off.

William Minkoff, Advanced Air Mobility Advisors

I wish you all also did taxes

Michele Hill, Michele Hill Productions,

follow up maybe every other day to give updates

Peter Gott, Papa Pete's transport

You folks were excellent. Fast, efficient, answered questions.

Jeremy Holcombe, 11 Tree Media

Quick response to questions while waiting on documents to be returned. Chat feature works great. The 2 days is misleading in that the days don't count the first day the SOS office receives the electronic documents.

Jamee Yule, L2R2

You’re turnaround time for my docs was unbelievably quick. What I would improve on is more live support. I tried calling several times and kept getting voicemail.

Francis Regina, FR Technical Services

Great customer service

Chaddrick Daniels, No Regrets Lawn and Landscaping

Easy process

Anthony Ruckel, TDJR Marketing

Just so very easy to complete!!

Carroll Wadlington, WadCakes Farms

Process was simple and quick and pricing was better than LegalZoom. Easy choice.

Edward Flynn, Taveda Ventures

Easy set up and you take the thinking out of it

Christopher Seigars, Top Rail Fencing

Super quick response and communication! I like the simplicity overall, however, I did have find myself a little confused by the process, so maybe a quick introduction call (at submission), to lay out the process and expectations would add a nice touch.

Jason Holland, Four13 Logistics

Gather information for filing

Micheal McCormick, Gaucho

You got me what I needed to get my business going, even put me at the top of the list. Thank you. To do better, have meetings at night, idk lol

Randy Hafer, Aerial Force One

I was very impressed. Quick & convenient

Mike Templeton, Templeton Family Trust


Lemarr Bonner, Bonner's Boy's Trucking

Everything was processed fast and you guess answered all my questions I had. I was going to pay double the price for less of the work you guys did for me. Thank you!

Marie Lustin, M and M Caribbean Restaurant

Very quickly responded

Timothy Wright, Costa Outdoors

Speedy process

Tiara Boler, Level Up Legacy

Very quick and clear on what exactly we needed to do to solve my problem, accomplish our goal, and handled all the dirty work for me.

Cole Randall, The Connecting Factors

It all happened so quickly! It would be nice to have a little more personal guidance after all documents are provided. Reviewing everything is a bit overwhelming as a new business owner and I already feel like I may be missing something important.

Katherine Snyder, Bakery Cloud Nine

Great user interface and after sales customer support

Avilo Oliva, New Horizon OP

My paper work was filed very quickly even though I had a typo in my information

Paul Walker, Obsidian Integrated Companies

The communication was key in development. One thing that could be better could be a 24 hour service line for phone calls.

Robert Johnson, Johnson Family Asset Allocation and Development

Successfully Completed Every Task Promised In A Timely Manner. Also, Resolved A Clerical Error With No Hassle and Went Above and Beyond !!! Thank You To Stephen Stanberry For ALL Your Help !!!!

Corry Duprey, Hudson Towing

Everything!! Keep doing what you guys and that’s helping people realize their dream.

Samuel Polection, Sly’s Construction

The process was smooth

Anthony Madlena, Dual Arrow Logistics

Fast and east- I was very impressed!

Robin Lee, Rockin' Finds

Quick and complete. Made it super simple on me. Thank you!

Staci Gibbs, Decoy Candle Company

Answer 24/7 on time very professional very informant just a great job

Marquis Molden, Why not jumper rentals

Did everything very well. Wish I knew more about the compliance package and how much I need of that.

Stephen Caligiuri, SLC Estimating and Consulting

So easy to work through

Carole Tomko, Peanut Productions

Turnaround time

Keyana Clerk, HomerceHome

Nothing I’m very happy

Gerry de Bruijn, LowLands Cycling

My questions was answered on time and you guys made a very easy process. Thanks again

Samuel Polection, Sly’s Construction

Nothing it was easy

Kyle Thompson, Thompson Performance

Formed an LLC in Ohio, and obtained a new EIN.

Nancy Lipko, lipkomed

Quick, uncomplicated service

Dan Doolittle, Tecali

easy process and efficient.

Lucas Bourgeault, Beyond the Log

Everything was straight forward and easy to understand. I think a different package deals would be great if they were offered with a set price

Keith Monroe, Monroe Chimney Care

very responsive no complaints

Timothy Crawford, Crawford Brothers Construction

Very responsive. No complaints

Timothy Crawford, Crawford Brothers Construction

Expediting my application and communicating with me in a timely manner. Having someone available to answer questions on a weekend would have been helpful.

Jamey Hood, GateWay Realty

The whole process was quick and easy. Answered a few questions and within a couple days I had had the paperwork received.

Ray Baker, BBQ Grill Authority

The process was super easy, smooth, and fast!

Katina Lewis, Happy Hearts Healthcare Services

Very fast, good job explaining what the Registered Agent did. Only complaint is about the glitchy website, but that's not your fault.

Haidee Rivera, Legacy Landmark

I loved the ease and quick return ! Will recommend !

Celica Carbajal, Herberry

Easy to use but expensive

Sabra Staudenmaier, Sabra Life Coaching

The only complaint I have is. I asked a question through the chat box and never received a response.

Michael Schall, SF Firearms

Timing! Organization too. Nothing better

Emma Paunil, Emma Paunil

You can add the service of newspaper announcement in NY

Elizabeth Thomas Alonso, Hairskin

Very responsive. Could offer more advice re: publication requirement

Rosemary McCullagh, Castle Green

You accurately processed everything in a timely fashion.

Shauna Richardson, Shauna Richardson

Quick, inexpensive, and seamless.

Gary Tsujiuchi, Jungle River Jedi

Y’all handled everything and I couldn’t expect anything else

Ildes Roman, Roman Family Kennels

Not sure its totally finished yet but it was easy to understand.

Gordon Rogers, G and K Enterprises

Prompt execution of services, great price point for services provided and outstanding customer service!! Change nothing!!

Corey Scott, Khaleesi

My paper filling was fast

Charlene Williams, J Williams Construction

Fast turn around and easy todo

Araceli Balais, Joyful Properties

It was so fast filing my paper work

Charlene Williams, J Williams Construction

Responsive & Through

Frederick Stehle, MM

More clarity on price break down

David Adeyinka, Vulgun

Everything was great

Shannon Johnson, NEW WAVE 3400

You all provided a service that has been quick, affordable, and informative.

O'duore Walters, Miracle Manes by Mo

You are FAST and accurate and EASY to use!

Ralph OBrien, RBAndersen

Efficiency was top notch. No complaints at all.

Alroy Boyce Jr, InfiSoft

The whole system including the interview format and follow up was superb. This was my first time to register and LLC, and it went without a hitch.

Victor Yin, Pecan Ave

You worked fast

Aniri Estrella, Estrella Aniri

Fast turnaround.

Vincent DellaMura, VDM Thoroughbreds

Everything came In on time. I wasn’t aware the IRS closes dec 23-Jan 4 it would have been nice to know that information

Brian Eubanks, Clean Your Cans

Very fast turnaround time for the documents.

Tosha R Ward, Passive Income Creators

It was fast and efficient. Thank you

Nicole Petty, GreenClean Michiana

it was a great process thank you

Nicole Petty, GreenClean Michiana

It was quick and easy!! I had some issues with the on-line portion and someone was available to chat and help me in no time at all!

Louise Borkowski, Louise Borkowski

fast turnaround

Michael Pirtle, Pirtle Services

Don't change. Current service and customer care are good enough

Seung Ho Han, NOTHX

Completely helped with documentation for business

Kevin B Gorski, Woodland Smart Consultant

The website application was easy to use, the processing was incredibly fast, and the price was great. I was thoroughly pleased with the entire experience and would definitely recommend BetterLegal.

David Nelson, Larpenel Consulting


Frederick Stehle, MM

Loved the service. All documentation was provided promptly. The user interface for questionnaires for extended services was seamless and easy to use. I did have to do a bit of research on DBAs, which was a question that came up in one of the questionnaires (as this is the first time I've started a business). Nevertheless it was easy information to find on my own.

Owen Colin Craig Shanteau, Shanteau Enterprises

Turnaround time was fantastic!!

Alycia Hooper, Alycia Hooper Real Estate Team

Setup was great. Contact could be easier. Thanks again.

Frankie Rashad Ransom, Good Girls Kiss

Did awesome

James Jordan, Silent Lake Home Inspections

Still haven't obtained my EIN. I was told I had to call which I did. The number I called didn't even ask me my name. They just told me to mail in the form and that there was no fax option. I'll now print, sign and mail the form myself.

Sandra K Mason, SKM Consulting

Everything went great !

Frankie Maldonado, Bulk Construction

Customer service was great. Able to resolve problems fast and was helpful.

Matthew Tyer, Mo' Snow

we did well we can doing better sent the documents fast the landlord can’t wait you you can lost the place i’m lost the place because i’m not receiving the documents and make sure you know the date we’re can send the documents

Lovely Dolcine, Fashion Love

thanks i’m receiving that’s why i wanted and you very well

Lovely Dolcine, Fashion Love

the documents doing well we’re doing better when we sent the documents fast

Lovely Dolcine, Fashion Love

Communication and assistance was great.

Harold Van Dusen, C

The process seemed easy, but having more updates on status earlier would have been helpful. I was unclear on the tax id portion and almost reapplied with another company.

William Rattray, PNW Sales Reps

Customer service was on point.

Daniel D Lee, DL

The process was easy and the forms were simple to fill out. I felt the process was smooth and have no other recommendations.

Michelle Buss, Peace Heals Holistic

Everything was quick and painless, I was happy with the results.

Danielle Brenholt, Straight Up Bookkeeping

great, nothing thankyou

Joe Bradley, V empire products

Efficiency and proficiency was great.

Jesus U Jacobo-Galindo, Julian's Services

Made the process way easier than we thought it would ... I don’t think it could be easier

Evan G Veremakis, Glack

Easy to fill out Great way todo it

Donald R Bujalski, Bujalski Rental

No complaints. The process was very straight forward and when we had a question, you were quick to respond. Thank you.

Michelle A Champlain, Four Winds Elder and Veterans Transportation Services

There was no hassle. Type in the information needed and boom you guys did the rest.

Braxton Adams, Streamline Carpet Cleaning

This was remarkably easy.

Laura Veremakis, Makis1

Had to give my SS# over the telephone; that made me a little uncomfortable but beyond that, it was an easy process.

Curtis Brown, CN Consulting

Fast and great value! Good Job

George E. Baldwin, 274 Pepper Bush

Quick and professional setting up my LLC.

Ernest Richardson, Top Solutions Consulting

Its really good, i wish yall had an option to buy like a hard back business agreement

Joseph Gerald Cartulla, Gateway Doors

It was an easy process.

Kenneth Robert Underhill, Cyber Life

the live chat is very helpful to get questions answered

Muhammad Shahrukh Khan, SRKRealty

Good job. It was quick and simple. Keep it up.


Every thing

Anthony McGhee, AJ Braids

I like this interface - it's snazzy.

Tuscan Knox, PDGX

Every thing

Anthony McGhee, AJ Braids

I guess it wasn’t y’all fault but it took along time for me to receive my documents

Harold Phillips, 3'sap

User experience was very smooth - top notch. Not sure on improvement - can't remember but maybe make it clear that the add-ons can be optioned into at the end or future (did you make that clear on the first offer?). I'm grabbing at straws here because it really was clean. Oh - having 3 names was a bit of a surprise so I had to get creative real time - maybe encourage applicant to come up with back up names at the onset?

James Matthew Brewer, Catch and Drive Solutions

Quick & Painless

Kimberly Leak, PrivataJets

This was the most stress free endeavor in starting my company, BetterLegal, did what they said they would. 24 hours turnaround time, was 24 hours.


very very fast now very very slow on help with the DBA

James Headley, lowsideapparel

It was fast and easy.

Daniel Albarian, DJA Materials

Completion in time frame. Basically everything 😌

LaTiffiny D Davis, Garment Butlers

A phone call throughout the process would make the service even better in case of any inquires or questions.

Rami Almehdawi, Ramiii

Great communication, excellent customer service and prompt service - will definitely recommend!

Lydia Blackwell, Hutch Corporate Consulting

You completed all the necessary steps associated getting my LLC up and running.

Nathaniel Richardson, Philip Richards

Very professional

Kessie Reddy, Bluearth Cleaning Solutions Group

The service was very fast and efficient

Alvin D Moise, True Vibes Smoke Shop Miami

Quick and easy

Knox Childress, Karate Capital

I thought this service was easy to use and very helpful/convenient.

Kristine Hackett, Kristine M Hackett Vision Services

Easy to use and fast!

Sarah Barlow, Cedar Chest of Wimberley

Done in a timely manner. Will I receive a printed copy of my LLC?

Klaus P. Feige, Mid South Home Investments

Your chat support was very helpful and in real time. Easy set up process and fast return rate.

Alexa Wilberton, Speech Language Professionals

I appreciated your BBB A+ rating, good communication and prompt service.

Gail Peabody, Preservation Toolbox

The process was easy and convenient. However, I think it would have been helpful, if the website provided some useful tips on how to manage their LLC after it becomes official.

Anthony Rendell, Elite Car Audio

Add client dashboard


Fast and easy, also informed

Scott Phillip Hall, Etown Studio

Everything was efficient and quick!

Janay Morgan, HookedOnHair by Janay M.

The publication cost threw me off guard maybe include that with you package

Andrew Paulino, economated

It was very simple and I made a mistake and you sent me an email to correct it

Timothy S. Ryan, 51763

EVERYTHING was convenient and well processed. Just keep catering to your clients request, and you’ll be fine. Thanks Again!!!

Martin H Troupe, Sr., Troupe Global Development

Communication was excellent. And speedy delivery!

Benjamin B. Harl, Silver Compass Studios

I love the automation and speed

Andrew Massey, Thistledown Springs Farm

I'll know more when I use your other services.

Susan E.Wing, Messaging Frameworks

Service was great and super fast

Melinda Barrineau, Pink Society Interiors

You were great

Ronak Lakha, Ronak Lakha Hybrid Financial Solutions

Nothing, it was fine

Greg Harvey, Emarbe Group

I appreciate how prompt this company was able to file the paperwork and respond to any questions I have had. In your application process I would like for there to be an option regarding name choice as I had already filed my name request and reservation but did not have the opportunity to communicate that until after completing everything and you guys re-submitting that paperwork.

Corinne Humphries, Fly Free Therapy

Easy and fast

Emeriza Jones, YEZ International Productions

Everything went smooth except for getting my EIN. It didn't go through and now I'm dealing with it. Less than ideal since I paid you do that but everything else has been good.

Nicholas Skinner, LA Record and Wine

Nothing, it was fast and easy

Kylie Graham, Pure Cones

Prompt and great service

Christopher McDonough, McDonough Consulting

Lower the price.

Melissa Holland, FitMiss

easy and fast

Karen Braun, Godspeed Farm

Quick process, good communication

Christopher S. Gaeta, Greenwood Dream Auto

Very smooth - all went well

William Cayce, Summit Salt

The process was quick and very easy

Craig Downs, THE SHOP ON 28

completion could be a little quicker but it was a great job

Jay Sheldrake, JNS Defense Logistics Consulting Services

Straightforward and easy process. There should be some indication of what happens next after one pays. For me, it was a few days before I got a confirmation email.

Patricia Nagy Olsen, Hindsight Handbook

Quick turnaround no issues


You did well by providing me information, and talking it out. I cannot think of anything for next time to do better.

Kendal O'Brien, KO Photo

It was a simple and easy process!

Matthew Chan, ProfitKit

Very quick responses. I wish I got more information about the fix/resolution to problem. Overall solid service.

Rusty Troutman, Next Level Consulting

Keep doing what you do

James Townsell, All Around Men at Work Service

Blazing fast! Professional and to the point. Very low key with the up-sale. Website could be a little more informative for the uninitiated.

Larry W Ketcham, Mountain West Inspections

It was very quick and very easy to use your services

Martin Capanda, MLF Foods

It was fast smooth, efficient. Thank you for making it painless.

Patrick Murphy, PPM Tax Services

Very quick turn around time

Martin Capanda, MLF Foods

Everything appears so thorough

Raymond T. Rufo, Raymond T. Rufo

The process was easy and your website was easy to maneuver.

Diane Hodge, Fernhill Duck Club

Easy and inexpensive in comparison.

Stacey Lynn Milliken, Stacey Lynn Photography

Everything was great

Charles Clark, All Good Things Cleaning Service

You were honest and accurate and fast.

Marlene LaRock, Action Brothers Core Drilling

It was fairly simple. All steosnwere soelled our and there were good descriptions of what everything was.

David Vazquez, Countfident

quick service


Just keep making sure your customers satisfied.

Diamond Tramble, Ella'noir

liked the service , quick and easy

Benedicta Otalor, ROSSMORE PL

Your company was very thorough, yet you still made it easy to understand what was needed/included, etc... no room for improvement really you’re very efficient.

LaDonna Sorrells, Clementine's Daughter

You did great, thanks

Peter Theodore Nyquist, Southern Reel to Reel Tape Decks

The communication line was fantastic through the whole process. Even with everything going on with Covid-19 and the Stay at Home being enforced, you guys were always available to assist, answer questions, and keep the process moving. Thank you for everything.

George Sosa, Sosa Family Legacy

Very efficient

Christopher Hout, MFG Search Group

Excellent service with time sensitive matters! Stephen was awesome to work with. Thanks Stephen and best of luck to your team.

Bradley Rushing, Rushing Construction

Quick response and turnaround

Barry Miller, Koios

You had all information available and presented professional, I am very pleased with the overall experience.

Justin Hamilton, Hamilton's Landscaping

Was fast and easy

Dipti Patel, PH

the process was very smooth, be clear on what is required and what is not

Timothy Barker, ElementHK

You got it done in a timely fashion, especially considering the current national emergency we're in. You were also very easy to reach and contact on your web chat feature.

Joseph Demalderis, Cross Current Outdoors

Making it all happen in a timely manner

Mark S Smith, Copperhead

Efficiency was great.


Very responsive and knowledgeable. Helped alot


Can we get more info on the legal issues

Nery Morales, MP Turbine Services

Great service

Scott A. Cope, A.S.C.P.

On time as expected

Michael Chiappetta, STCPC

So much cheaper than their competitors and actually asked questions that made sense for forming a LLC.

Jessica Vigil, By JDelanie

Kept me updated, and got the job done quickly

Kelli Lewis, Taco Papi

Explanation and legal document preparatiuon

Kevin B Gorski, Woodland Smart Consultant

Customer service was great! Filing was easy.

Paola Mason, Paola Mason Consulting

Very clear on what I was getting and very competitive.

Daryl Morgan, Call Haven Partners

Made it easy to setup LLC and followed up with status of filing after estimated date of completion passed.

Michael Sojka, Sojka Engineering Services

Got everything we needed and within 48 hours. It was so easy and quick as well as being less expensive then Legal Zoom. I give you guys a BIG THUMBS UP. Than you so much!!!!!

Jane Ayscue, Colorado Camo

Very easy process, LLC was files and EIN # was sent within 2 days as promised

Nazleen Iqbal, QuickFlip Remodeling and Renovations

Nothing different, I just don’t believe a 10 exists.

Nicole White, NIC Networks

Super fast, all articles of incorporation included, got it done within 24 hours, great communication in between. What can do better? The website was glitchy, I couldn’t go past the first choice, went blank on Chrome, so I had to open it on Safari Which worked. I’m assuming the scale on this was 10 being the best.

Allison Sikorsky, Midwest Skoolie

I am happy you did it quickly

Mark Nasche, Nasche Asset Management

did everything just right

Marie C. Cole MD, Santa Cruz Farms

I appreciate your quick response regarding getting registered.

Carol Perkins, Persica Consultants,

Very simple and easy to use

Richard Hutchison, Wyld Lyon Entertainment

Very smooth

Robert Echols, WIT Investment

You were very quick, price was good.

Ronald Peters, Hackers Hide a way

It was Fast and easy

Gladys Rollins, Elaine's Income Tax Service

Time of answer is awsome

Francisco Pacheco Retana, TEON ALLEN

Fast turnaround time

Joshua Poitevint, Standing Pines Outfitters

Explain what to do next and what the form zips are.

Aries Frani, Aries Business

communicated very well

Angela Seaton, Trevi Investments

The process was very fast and efficient-so far it seems to have worked very well

Kimberley Treinen, KT Toxicology and Drug Development Consulting

you got my forms to me quickly, and it looks in order. cant know yet whether its correct or not

John Payant, All in the Family Home Improvement

Very professional and done as needed.

Wayne Henriksen, Tudor Two

Should have reminded me to print a detailed receipt when it was first displayed

Thomas W. Blumer, Monetary Matters

Everything went well

Susan Florick, Florick Investments

Everything was completed in a timely manner as advertised.

Kenneth S. Mita, Jr., Central Connecticut Construction Management

Everything went smooth and efficient.

Trevor Capelungo, TJC

Quick, professional assistance. Simplified the process.

James L. Reinebold, Jr., Reinebold Aviation Services

Blazingly fast. To the point. Great communication and a reasonable price. No hard upsell.

Larry W Ketcham, Mountain West Inspections

Process was very simple and fast.

Joshua McRoy, JWARMAC

You were extremely helpful in helping me understand NY requirements.

Melissa Corigliano, Meraki Interiors

Simple and easy to follow. The EIN step was not clear as it required another step subsequent to the LLC application.

Erica Smith Denton, Little Archer Creative

process was easy to understand and fast

Daniel Onyekwum, DD

Everything was fast and easy

Dorian Smith, Smith Flip

You were very professional and fast in your job


Your communication is excellent


Everything was great!!!

Anthony Pete, People Analytics,

You were fast and efficient. The personalized card that was sent to me from Chad and Joey was a nice touch.

Alex Visconti, ViscoTech Automation Solutions

The process was very easy and quick. Nothing can be done better.

Ebony Jenkins, Soulistically Yours

Minor glitch on Dec 23 2019 payment and followup emails caused LLC to be formed in wrong name. However, Better Legal agreed to fix it without charging me. So even though a minor glitch I give them good marks for customer service and integrity.

Edward D Selich, Ocean

Quick and easy. For tax ID the input form says you will call the number I provide. After finishing, now I have to call you. Not a big deal but just different. I think even better if I had the option to defer the tax ID.

Jason Mauk, M2 Acquisition Holdings

offer phone contact for questions

John Jenkins III, ZHOP Zion House of Prayer Church

Quick responses to all emails

Tanya Saunders, Saunders Land Clearing and outdoor maintenance

Having no hidden fees was nice.

Yosuke Michishita, Michishita

Very fast, no compliants

Mark Graber, Graber Benefit Consulting

Response to inquiries were timely and informative

Steven Fishberger, CryoMedRx Beauty and Wellness

The site had videos at every step to answer questions and explain the process and each thing is needed, and clarifying each step of the way.

Connie Knudson, Integrative Healing Works

my llc was formed to perfection and came very fast.

Marcus Jackson, Premier Paradigm Properties

I think the videos explaining the different sections was very helpful. I was satisfied.

Joseph K Jordan, On The Go Express Consulting

it was super easy ...I hated the states site and couldn't figure it out

Kristina Adler, Student Data Analytics

Completed process promptly

Saraya Jackson, The Moody Palette

Good process

Mario Avila, Avila Ac

Everything was great

Michael Reutter, REMOVE IT NJ

Completion, communication...Stephen was great.

Richard Olszewski, Olszewski Group

Fast and doing well

Hui Ju Hsiao, Castle Wise

Better legal provided a very organized and user friendly experience. Live-chat questions were answered in an easy to understand manner, emails were responded to quickly.

Steven Anderson, Steve Squared

All good. Went very smooth.

Ronald Pollock, Straight Arrow

This is the second LLC formation I have use you guys for and it is very easy and affordable.

William Tennant Jr, SummitPeaksCBD

Very fast and easy process

James Quinn, Tooling Concepts Solutions

Very fast, and easy to do.

C. Christopher Wunder, Volume Imaging Professionals

You did fine and I thank you

Alan Dyess, ABD Property Investments

really fast service


Very helpful. Experience was amazing.

Rick Proffer, Proffer

Very diligent in getting paperwork done

Sam Sparacino, Siam Group

Speedy service with quality work.

Bree'na York, Golden Gate Storage AZ

Great, maybe add a checklist for the first year to know whats coming after the actual LLC start up.

Johan Svensson, Part-One

As it is said if it's not broke don't fix it. When I was stressed Steven called me as well as returned my email.

William Keller, William's Courts

Speed, clarity of process

Chris Mondello, RCV Consulting

Understanding of whether I could use LLC before state approval.

Jennifer Hamill, JEP Experiences

Everything went as expected. Hard to find a nit to pick.

Michael Walsh, Offpique Productions

Service was excellent! I'm recommending you to others.


The site would not let me pay on a regular computer. Everything else was smooth

Christopher Fox, 2 Custom Craftsm2n

Speedy, simple and stress free

Ronald Rickert, RondelUSA

The process overall was speedy. The question about the business license needs to be more specific. I didn't selected that one during the application. I thought it had nothing to do with my application overall. Hence, I now will have to apply for it differently. Regardless of that, I'm pleased with the services.

Eileen Pownall, DTRENDY

Fantastic - easy, efficient and quick turnaround time!

Lauren Doering, Doering Insurance Agency

It was most importantly simple and fast just as you promised. Thanks a lot!

Eddie Burrow, Metalmax

You made it easy.

John Mauldin, Illuminated Ink

Great and quick about getting everything formed! I called in once and I went straight to vm and didn't receive a call back. The issue was resolved so it wasn't a big deal in the end, but having been able to get a hold of someone or getting a call back would have been nice.

Jedidiah Maxwell, Mar

I am more than pleased with the company. You needed more info and reached out to me and was able to complete the filling of my LLC. A job well done

Robert Provost, Premier Express Transport

Quick turnaround and concise information

Dyracka Fance, Arendfacky

Fast, clear and easy data entry

Allen Ueckert, JALU

You may want to add the phone number. Chat feature is great! Thanks!

Vasant Limaye, Karatgroup

Fast and easy

Ramil Cortez, AuditSAP

Very organized and helpful business links provided.

Jennifer Cardin, J Cardin

Everything went very well so far; I am looking forward to the further work during the "maintenance" period

Werner Cautreels, RUBLI

You did what you advertised! You completed all the paperwork and filed it with the state and returned it to me in the 2 business days you said you would do it. I was in crunch time to make it happen quickly and you didn’t disappoint me. Thanks.

Dan Hockersmith, Capital Adventures


Ynette Shultz, Bumble Bee Pilot Car Services

The process was very quick. Quicker than I had expected. Email communication was very close to the states communication. I am very pleased.

Deana Howland, Olympic Customs

Did well: Very Timely! Easy process for me! Friendly! Do better: I did not receive and email confirmation after I paid for service. I had to send a chat request asking if everything was OK.

Shannon Armstrong, Ember and Bean

Made it easy. Made it quick.

Hans-Eric Gosch, Custom Duffel

The speed was amazing!

Mitchell Glazier, Grudge Match

quickness and simplicity. No improvements needed

Randy Lafferty, Lafferty Real Estate Appraisals

Great support and easy documents to fill out.

Grady Hickman, Titan Contractors,

Manners were handles professionally and promptly.

Kevin Davenport Jr., Dauda

Everything was handled professionally

Luis Faveron, The Faveron Group

i am very satisfied

Michael Park, HIW

You were clear, helpful, accurate, trustworthy, and fast.

Greg Sever, Burning Leaf Press

Everything went so smoothly!

Caroline Blackard, Broncy Donkey Leather Co.

The process was expedited well and professionally.

Leonard Jeffcoat, New Day Counseling

Very satisfied with the service. A follow-up with a person would be great to learn more about services and additional information.

Mark Luciw, MRL Services

Everything was done fast and it’s appreciated!

Michael Anderson, Dadio Woodcraft

It was very quick, easy, and informative. My banker was very impressed with the paperwork I produced so efficiently. I wouldn't change a thing.

Laura Apgar, LMA Editorial Services

Nothing. You did a great job

Ira Parker, ElElSBY

keep doing like you are doing

David McDow, Cool Creek Hemp

The professionalism from y’all is great

Kevin Hinton, Hinton Transports

Easy breezy

Samantha Harris, AlchemyNY

Fast llc needed the tax I’d buy had to get it myself

James Pugliese, Pegasus After School Programs

super quick, made the process easyl

Brittan Schafer Maisch, BrittanEAG

Fueron muy rápidos y eficientes.

Rosalinda Borjas, JC.BORJAS

Turn around time is perfect

Mutaz Mohamed, Orca International

The process was simple and direct. The turnaround was crazy fast. I'm not sure how you can do better!

Dennis Shimkoski, Element Consulting

Fast and easy

Ryan Kunker, M

talk in person a bit quicker on the site

Bethany Grace Birch, Higher Vision Trade and Consulting

I cannot think of anything you could have done better. My rating of ten does not express my true rating of how you performed. It is more like a “20!” Applied on a Monday and by Wednesday of the same week I had all my documents AND my tax ID. Wow, THANK YOU BETTERLEGAL!

Anthony Elliott, Elliott Medicare Advisors

Simple process. Easy to understand next steps. Prompt follow-up. What more could you ask for!

Jeffrey Greenler, Core Brand Consulting

It was fast and accurate. Keep doing what you are doing.

Jim Gillen, Blue Springs Roofing

The best experience I could ask for. Would not change a thing! Great price and great work too.

JAIMIN PATEL, Benji Holding

Everything was rather easy, it went perfectly. Much better than anticipated

Jerry Felisme, CLEbridge

Responded promptly

John Hilferty, Azalea Marketing Consultants

Everything was perfect, the only MINOR glitch was the initial purchase confirmation email, however Stephen Stanberry was awesome in supporting me and resending a copy.

David Sanford, Pacific Acuity

Just as advertised.

James Minick, Wildcat Laser


James Barrineau, Empty Cloud

Everything delivered in timely fashion, plus some more useful stuff "above and beyond." I am a satisfied customer, thanks!

Robert Tootle, eltoot

Extremely Efficient Service! I have no complaints whatsoever. My first LLC and it was 100 times easier than I thought it would be.

Matthew Iles, 703 Emmett

very quick and thorough

Luis Carvajal, Country Road Counseling

Easy and fast service!

Romulo Tolentino, RHT Global Solutions

Delivered services as promised in the time fram lromised.

Crina Plascencia, Code 4 Protective Services

Very smooth transaction. Good communications and assistance.

Chris Mackenrodt, Culmac Enterprises

The turnaround time was incredible.

Dwayne Duncan, Metro Export Management

I waited almost two weeks without hearing anything. Then I called and it was taken care of immediately. So....little blip, nice save.

Robert Gill, Advanced Rigging and Crane

There were a couple of questions in the set-up that could have done with a better explanation

Michael Barrett, MB I

BetterLegal was excellent to use. The website is set up great. It's easy to use, and informative at the same time. It literally took me 10 minutes to input all of my information, and on the 2nd business day, I received the email that my LLC has been created. Included in the email were all of my required documents, nice and neat. Seriously couldn't have been any easer. Hats off to these guys, they have the process down!

Christopher Smith, CRS Aero

Completed the job in a timely manner.

Ebony Jenkins, ProperTIES Realty Group

Super-easy filing process! I also very much appreciated that you (Stephen) honored the $50 coupon and credited my account $50. Well done! While the questions were all super-easy to answer, I thought some were over-simplified and I could have used a little more guidance for some of them (e.g. are you converting business or starting a new one - I was going from a GP to a single-owner LLC - had to ask an attorney friend for help to know that I should set it up as a new business)

Benjamin Wang, Dare Fashion

The process was done in a timely fashion!

Robert Brown, Protocall Home Inspection

It could not have been better.


The whole process was simple and easy. Took a lot of stress out of the whole situation. Also, the pricing was very reasonable.

Patrick Murphy, PPM Tax Services


Verna Israel, NPISRAEL Consulting Group

You made a scary and overwhelming process so easy . My LLC was produced very quickly. I really appreciate all of your help.

Erin Kreditor, Twirl Girl

I’m satisfied,thank you

vladimir mateus, V

Actually the whole process was really easy. You took the guessing out of the whole process. Thanks!!

Jeana Hutchings, Hutchings SLC Properties

Extremely fast efficient service at the best price .

Jack Sinow, Dr Jack H Sinow

The website it's simple to fill all the document need it.Straight to the point and everything was done right and done in no time.Im very pleased with the service.

William Perez, H.P

Great communication and fast service

Jesse Sanchez, Cornerstone Insurance Agency

The process was totally hassle free. This allowed me to focus on where my next job was coming from. Thank you for making it easy to do business.

Hans Hansen, h3 machine tool solutions group

Received in 4 days.

Teresa Etter, Advanced Solution

Everything was simple, to the point and quick. No over the board flashiness like others.


Ease of use.

Aaron Brunner, Elevate Medical Education

The procedure was very simple and easy. The online forms were self explanatory. The live chat for questions is very helpful

Regina Torsiello, Purple Moon Yoga

Everything was so easy to complete and only took a few minutes. We got back the confirmation and EIN within 2 business days, just like they said.

Robert Townsley, Cobra Technical Services

I was very impressed with how easy it was to use your website. Your response time was excellent.

Steven Kirk, L

Quick service

Waleed Ismail, JC MGT Properties

Quick and EZ

Vincent Chapa, BOS Finance

Very good experience and would not change anything. Just recommended Better Legal to a neighbor.

Susan Woods, Pneuma Pilot Car Service

Very effective and fast

Sharon Hebert, Access Crisis Trained Sitters

The speed of the process was incredible. I was in pinch and needed a new LLC setup quickly, however, I never imagined an 18hr turnaround. Amazing! The only think I would recommend is making a few tweaks to the website as it wasn’t very intuitive (almost too plain...didn’t know when/where to go sometimes)

Andrew Kocjan, AJKIV Holdings

Very easy and streamlined process

Sridhar Dathathraya, IntellogicPro

Did great, fast, easy to understand documents, copy of irs tax info huge help. Would like to see a hard copy mailed out with a courtesy business portfolio.

TAKIA PARHAM, As It Is Wrytten

Easy to create LLC and would recommend...

Joseph Cruz, 316 Consultants

It was expedited

Frank Diamond, Frank Diamond Consultant,

For this being my first time ever forming an LLC i was very impressed with the ease of service. Everything was quick and easy to navigate. Thank you guys a lot!

Geremy Rufus, A Litter Help

Very fast order completion

Joel Bomgardner, Salt Creek Bee Company

I wanted different trade name and business name. Other than that, you did great!

Gail Welch, Creations by Gail

I've used one of your competitors in the past and while I didn't have any complaints against them, your service was much faster, more convenient, and less expensive. Thank you for that!

Lisa Duffy, Magnolia Skin Essentials

The process was super easy and super quick for me! BetterLegal did exactly what they said they would do in the timeframe they said they would do it!

Tia Boykin, bElite Health and Fitness Coaching

Received my LLC and EIN in just 1 day! Great job!

Robert Gotts, Gotts2

Process time was great

Ronald Aguirre, Aguirre's Classic Cars and Restorations

Very quick turn around. WOW!!!

Larry Walker , Walker Defense Network

Very fast and easy to do

Tracy Baker, Forthright Development

The communication was excellent. More updates would be nice to know how the process is going.

Shaniqua Edwards, Sister Time

everything was completed on a very timely manner

John Coughlin, Coughlin

The information was great, The filing was fast.

Jacob Webb, Joshaway

Have a customer service number

Janelle Velez, Savvy Shoppers

You did a fantastic job. You might as well of held my hand

Cheryl Dillmon, Gary Dillmon enterprise

This is my first experience starting an LLC. From my perspective there isn’t anything to improve on.

Jeremy Stephen McNally, J. S. McNally

It was easy to apply. But it would have been nice to know that in New York State you have to buy newspaper ads to announce your LLC.

Marcello D Fiscella, Mezotech

Keep up the good work

Chris Meier, CME Holdings

Convenience. Easy instructions

Narinder Budhiraja, Scratch Robots

You did well in explaining what you needed from me

Michael Brent Collier, Semper Splicing

Everything was done quickly and very well. Pricing was very affordable.

Dean Eggert, SafeWayMedical

Everything was fine

Darryl Washington, DBD Transportation

Very quick

Tana Aucoin, Galveston Vacation Rentals By Owner

The speed in which it was completed amazed me.

Dillon Hayes, RoyalFeat

a little more information and the ability to call if there's a question would be helpful. otherwise it went smoothly.

Shirley Dreifus, Essbeedee

timely filing were extremely helpful. website was thorough and informative.

Melvin Barrois Jr., allmyrobots

Simple and quick

Jennifer Castillo, Build It Companies

No suggestions to guys did great

Robert Lowy, Shady Lady Alpine Lakes Chalet

the forms were complete and the quick deliery responsive to my needs

Randy Russell, Fidelis Realty Group,

Did on a timely matter

Richard Wadel, J2J Enterprise

Everything was great, quick an easy

Michael Hyson, Kingz delivery

Made it painless for me, thank you.

Nathan Morrow, NME Ironworks

The process was so EASY and FAST! The few tasks I did need to complete were explained in detail and it was simple to complete them.

Tammy Yost-Wildin, TNT Therapeutics

Easy to follow directions, and information. Processed in a timely manner.

Victoria Boubelik, Tradeshow Decorators International

Communication and the process were easy

Douglas Houghton, APRN Properties

Fast and efficient. Videos were extremely helpful when I got stuck on questions

Bryn Morgan Bray, Bryn Bray

Easy process got a email and replied but didn't know if it was received so I emailed and ask and then got a quick response

Julia Malatak, Slush Fund Trucking

You just made it so un-complicated and easy to understand!

Jana Merical, Merical Design Group

Honestly I don’t how it could’ve been done better

Ryan Beal, Zay Modular

A follow up call for understanding would be ideal.

Jason Mitchell, Life Sciences of Carolina

everything smooth and easy

Danny Hargrove, HARGROVE'S PDR

Fast service. Delivered what you promised.

Larry Kesler, LBK Consulting

Straight forward and quick. Thanks again

Boris Jabotinsky, Goodfor Financial

Worked just as it was advertised!

Emily Shaff, Blue Tortoise Yoga

The whole process was simple and easy to use.

David Stein, Capture 4K

Communications were excellent. Very simple process. Blew legalzoom out of the water.

Nicholas Ripollone, HNW Consulting

Really fast and efficient

Anna David, Edge

Fast response all’s good

Clyde Smith, Clyde's Waste Removal

I am new at this. It went smoothly and quickly

Lauree Mitchell, LWM Mental Health Specialist

All great thanks

Mark Steele, Above

You did a good job.

Tim Bumpas, TB3

you were very prompt.

Marilyn J Rhodes, Sunnyslope Homeowners


Megan McCall, Southernleigh Essentials

The formation was seamless & easy online

Nitin Banwar, Art of Nitin Banwar

You did it all great. Have you the information and next thing all was done


Customer response time was awesome!

Ryan Uzzo, Uzzos Hospitality

Simple all in one shopping

Diane Reyes, 3girlsfixnflip,

everything went very smooth I made a mistake on my end with the email address i used your customer service and it was fixed effortlessly it was a very easy and fast fix hassle free.

Shaun Nelson, Paladin HVAC

They did my formation so fast , I was looking for a personal injury lawyer to sue for whiplash. Great job!

Tommy Sullivan, Galloglass Permitting Logistics

Solve problem quickly

Ming Sham, Solutions Circle

Everything was very easy and seamless I thought really comfortable and confident thank you.

Kenneth W Hill, Slip-Gripp

All The paperwork was done very fine I also want to thank you for everything you’ve done and keep up the good work for other people Thanks Payne heating and air and refrigeration LLC Harry Payne (owner)


Prompt on getting paperwork

Christie Case, Bulldog Auto Transport

Fast turn around

Charles Sheppard, Container Logics

Answered my questions online quickly. Total process was quick & easy

Jo Clenney, J Clenney Enterprises

Appears the whole process was so thorough

Raymond T. Rufo, Raymond T. Rufo

You guys made sure I knew everything I needed to know and kept me up to date

Hassan MaGan, MaGan Samples

Website was easy to use

Diane Hodge, Fernhill Duck Club

it was so fast! i wish it were cheaper though.

Jackie Williams, JW Performance Horses

I have know complaints. I was done correctly and in great time. All my paperwork was filed for me and everything was explained to the core

Damon Miller, Miller

Very prompt and professional

Eugene Rotunda, Milestone Construction Management

pleased overall with the service

Doug Williams, Golden Dome

Fast efficient, just like stated. Very happy.

Anne-Marie Leighton, Warrior Faith Mind

you made it easy to get my llc

Don Bujalski, Don's Custom Laser

I was honestly intimidated by the whole process. I was convinced I was gonna use LegalZoom, until I found Better Legal. It was less expensive and so easy! Also, I'm not a registered business owner and instead of weeks, it was 5 days!! (Including the weekend!) I'm beyond grateful.

Stacey Lynn Milliken, Stacey Lynn Photography

Very fast process. No complaints!

Errol Newman, Newman Prime Products

Ease and Efficience

Mary Anne Stanton, Talent Solutions

Extremely simple process and lightning fast delivery as promised, not to mention great price.

Anthony Simon Charles, Soopar Kitchen

Made it easy to get the business created. Was affordable. HowevEric, it would have been nice to include the liscencing/permitting compliance package without the 125$ fee. Overall, pleasant experience.

Timothy I Wand, Frontline Central

As far as I know everything went as planned.

Herbert Everett,Sr, "Safety Herb"Consulting and Training

The process was easy and simple. Only caveat was that when I received the papers, it said they had secured an EIN for my business. They had secured the UBI but no EIN.

Jeff Berryman, Second Penny Road

Description of your services was spot-on. I have been provided prompt response to my many questions. Very patient with me and my decision processing. Also assured me that the process was moving forward 😎

Andrew J Logan, AjLogan Services

You made the entire process so much easier than I ever anticipated, you do it all!

Paul S. Foster, Transaction Advisory Group

The service was quick And concise. I have done my own incorporations in the past but this time I didn’t have time. Much better price than legal zoom

R.D Snyden, Dr3J Consultants

It was quick and easy. I wouldn't change a thing!

Jamie Jo Kimbrough, Let It Glow by Jamie Jo

Quick and easy

Bridgette Patrona, Sud Woofers Grooming

Very prompt

Kimberly Talley, Summer Logistics

Made my process very easy and helped ease my mind.

John Garcia, JTG Integrity Trucking

The whole process was simple from start to finish. I did not experience anything that I would consider an area of opportunity

Michael Shackelford, EAS Shield

Good feedback and prompt, no delays.

Denice Y. Romero-Marquez, Home Rehab: giving homes a second chance

Fast expeditious service

Simon Nat Rignel Fresco, Buy Fresco

Took care of everything

William Cagle, bmc fishing

They provided the necessary documents, wish I could’ve got more of an explanation.

Austin Schroeder, Schroeder Brothers

Got the LLC back sooner than I was expecting

Juan Rojas, Jr's Couriers

Ease and speed was great, a little more filtering on possible name choice might be better

Chris Murphy, Capital Management Ventures

Was a very fast, efficient, and pleasant experience especially in comparison to other similar online services.

Richard Santucci, PortaCharge

pretty smooth and seamless

Mortimer Sullivan, sbl property solutions

Fast turnaround for a great price! Communication was great during entire process.

Nathan Wierzgac, Competitor Within

Timing, information, and detail were above proficient.

James Jorgensen, Jorgensen Enterprises

I am happy with the ability to reach out to Stephen at anytime to check the status and also the speed of BetterLegal to complete the process


I love it one stop shop and links to video to explain legal terms!! Your service is worth the price.




Quick turnaround and when it was a delay you were willing to give me a 50 discount which is great business in my opinion

demetrius cheeseboro, Meech Properties

The process was very easy to follow. We had one glitch in that my compmnay description of services was too long.

Mitt Salvaggio, M Salvaggio Consulting

Easy to use the online resources, no hidden fees.

Robert Solesbee, Solesbee Properties

I appreciate the quick and professional results in the communication.

Sara Ferguson, Strong Heart and Mind Counseling

The process was very Quick and I had to do virtually nothing. Well worth the money.

James Jaco, Village Tile

If the primary LLC name can not be used, you should contact the owner to give them a heads up

Keith Terry, TNT Performance Solutions

Did everything great

Richard Bean, MAB Enterprises

it only took 14 hours to form my llc! I am amazed and beyond impressed. Without a doubt, you have earned my repeat business and glowing recommendation. Don't change a thing because you are rocking it.

Evan Freitag, EGF Statistical Consulting

Quick and efficient

Dawn Lensert, 307 Decor and More

Very helpful and responsive, when I listed a few things wrong and needed them corrected. I could not do it on my end and the person helping me corrected my issues internally before I finalized. I personally also had a very quick turn around on all my paperwork and documents.

Chris E. Beeler, White Cardinal Contracting

Successfully and quickly performed all tasks promised and I have since received the necessary documents to move forward with my LLC

Kurt Stoutsenberger, K Stouts Investigations

You made the process painless.

Jeffrey Rees, Merlin

Explain and give Information about using the BetterLegal address for recieving documents in case of lawsuits. I paid for it but no explanation of how that works.

James Wheeler, WheelerVenture

Very Fast Service

Jaron Downs, Ttown Entertainment

So simple to click and fill in the questions regarding the LLC. Then within a day to receive all the documents.

Cherith H. Marchase, Marchase Advancement

Fantastic experience throughout the process.

Jason Rodarte-Redmond, West Coast Place

You did what you said you'd do.

Romey A. Reynolds, Jr., SMART Redeveloping

simple, easy to use

Nathan Corbin, Nytelife Technologies

Turn around time was awesome.

Eduardo Guillen, Hello Radio

Excellent all the way around. Great job!

Sloan Greer, Sloan Photography

Email response very quick, everyone has been very helpful for any questions, not only sell a registration but also further services. I have been very satisfied!

Song Lu, Reliance Management

Quick llc easy to do not sure how to improve

James Cummings, Bug Bullys

Would like a bit more information such as since I’m a single member LLC can I have my spouse as a signatory on the to be opened checking account. A more clear description of whether she be an officer of my LLC and the details of transition if I die. Must I list 4 officers, must I hold documented meetings , etc.

Kenneth S. Wayne, MD, Kenneth S. Wayne, MD, Medical File Review Consultant

My accountant wanted me to pay $1500.00 and you did it for a third of that in half the time..thanks

Deborah Rogers, Crawdaddy's Cajun Eatery

You did very well, I really can't think of anything you could do better. Perhaps you could have a "Contact Us" phone number on your website but that's it. You were wonderful!

Edna Harkay, Reclinata

Everything was put on standby due to government shutdown. You guys did everything you could.

Rene Cervantes, R

Return phone calls more timely

Julie Carney, Carmac Electric

It was quick and easy.

Ronald C Laurens, Laurens Services

Chat service was very helpful.

Jen Cowart, Stone Table Properties

The experience was easy and simple. You provided my EIN number which another service was charging extra for by upgrading to a higher package.

Gene Kawahata, Cen-Cal Laser Design

Everything was great

Anthony Fernandes, Winning Strategies Management

Finding you was easy

Jerrod Sweet, Sweet's Smoothies

Processes was very easy and done extremely fast!! No need to change anything.

Bradley John Christensen, BestOfTheWorld

The ease of opening process and speed was great. You could improve the communication when the estimate time slides a little bit.

Rafael Pierosan, CyberAsset Information Systems

This was a simple easy process. I do not know how you could make it any easier.

Steven D. Merriman, North Coast Fiber Services

Fast and simple

Robert Menning, RemTech Solutions

Fast super easy!

Lauri A. Rowland, Bigfoot Enterprises

Better communication, I was not told that my first two names had been denied, left wondering what was going on

Victor Hillyard, V.C.F.H.

Seemed to be very thorough, prompt and it was easy to use your website

Ronald LaFevers, Hundred Oaks B

speed and efficiency of action

Michael Golden, Golden Regulatory Consulting

Just making the process so much easier to get a business up and going

Sedrick King, Service KING

You were on the ball in notifying us when our top 3 could not be used. And let us know quickly on our pick when it went thru. Very efficient and will use again.

Bryan Barnes, B

Everything was great.

Amber Carpenter, Carpenter Brand Realty

It was very straightforward and took the nervousness out of starting a business. I appreciated the other offerings. I didn't have the capital starting out but saw it as something absolutely necessary to come back to.

Robin Parker, Nectar Food Service

The online process was easy to navigate and get the correct information that BetterLegal needed.

Ken Perrine, American Rental Company

You did exactly what you promised on your website

Carl Bisser, CB Tools

You made this process exteremly easy! Lots of good information provided. I am very grateful for the sense of secutiry your company has provided.

Tamera Mendez, Tammy Mendez

Covenyant and easy

Robert Booth, Booth's Affordable Fiberglass Repair

The website was easy to work through. The pricing was transparent and simple. I would like to have received more accurate ETA for the add-ons.

Robert Stevens Melton III, The Other Finger

all seemed good

Stacey Schaefer, Stacey's Cafe,

The process was very smooth

Charles Hansen, Live Water

Extremely fast turn around and simple form entry. Customer service interaction could be better.

Raymon Lowe Walker III, Walker Enterprise Consulting

Quick response and did exactly what I needed

Duane Ferguson, D.R. Ferguson Engineering Services

Inform customers when the first name is not being submitted for various reasons

Clayton R Wiiliams Jr, Claytanya

Nothing that I. Can see

Jean L Duquaine, Foxwood Kennels

time wise you guys did great


Easy navigation and quick response!

Krsna C Salazar, Plant Foods Management

Nothing, I was surprised with the quick turnaround

Soroya Pognon, Curis Coaching and Consulting

Everything is good!

Scott David Houghton, SDH Actuarial

Everything u promised u delivered!

Carol Long, Endless Beginnings

Overall speedy and easy

Candice Chaozhi Huang, DreamHighSchool

I love how easy it was and I loved that the price was reasonable. I was not thrilled that my first name choice was not accepted, when it was available on another LLC site. I am afraid that by me checking it’s availavility that it may have been reserved and did not show available to BetterLegal! I would rather have waited a few days, before I automatically registered by second choice. Your application should have options before filing the second name automatically.

Kenny L Lowery, Kenny's Custom Cabinets

Everything has been great.

Sarah Hmada, Lashes by Zahra

Good communication and fast, clear service.

Steven Moore, Globescape Consulting

Very simple process and easy to understand with short clips to elaborate along the way

Victoria Nguyen, VG Consulting

Very clear interface and rapid turnaround

Christopher J. Mossey, CJM Advisors

Did amazing, so glad i started my business with you guys. You delivered on everything you promised

Marco Hernandez, Marco

Efficient and fast service

Donald G. Pendleton, SD Amherst,

great communication, quick service

Jennifer Phillips, Saint Nick

Did it quickly and with no issues. Need to understand better the additional services that are offered

Gary Vujovich, Appraisal Associates

Very responsive, if I had to say something I'd say leave shorter messages;)

Sue Bailey, Aloha Entertainment

You acted in a timely manner and addressed my concerns in a professional manner

Kenrick Fullerton, Reggie Contract Management

You guys make the process super simple! I’m not sure there is much you can do to make it even better.

Roderick Foster, Reauxll Holdings

Process was smooth

Akim Hall, Resource Solutions Business Advisors of NY

Quick and easy.

Ryan Flud, RJ Ventures USA

You kept me informed through the process.

Joseph Scott Everett, JMC Energy Solutions

Very, very quick and efficient. Give option to get EIN. Not everyone needs that.

Victoria Keldsen, Pine Creek Insurance

Everything was perfect

Jameel Perrin, Eastcoast Motor Group

More updates through email

Jeremy Bernath, Boom Biz

I thought you very thorough and professional with all the paperwork. Good response time.

Steven Sattler, The Bluff Bar and Grille

Clear, fast, thorough service. I couldn't imagine a better manner.

Donald Clutterbuck, Pour Cost

Thorough, great communication during the process and speedy.

Andrew D. Green, Broad Reach Growth

Great and timely follow through

Gregory Van Winkle, MD, Gregory Van Winkle, MD

it seems you guys are very customer driven and that is great price was great and turn around time excellent

Albert M Palma, Gulfview Relocation Specialist

You delivered as promised in a timely manner. I was able to call with a question, get a knowledgeable person online and complete the process to my satisfaction. The video from the CEO with your values was helpful. Continue to emphasize the importance of printing/and or storing multiple copies of the LLC filing for safety.

Carolyn L. Krusinski, Advisor for Enlightened Living

Easy to use online process

Mike Crawford, MC Stratview Consulting

Someone was available to answer my questions promply.

Shawnna Ivey, Twisted Cedar Childcare Center

Quick and easy LLC formation

Jeff Crowe, General Wholesale Products

The speed and ease of filing and getting our documents back was better than I've experienced anywhere else! And the price was better too!

Jacquelyn Carr, Me Tambien Films

You worked quickly and did what I didn’t know how to do. You communicated well. I have no complaints.

Kimberli Gutierrez, Golden Years Concierge Service

Filing was professional and timely

Thomas M. Sweeney, Fifico

Your customer service model is excellent. When I had a problem you routed my issue to someone who could help me and in the end you fixed my issue which I really appreciate.

Walter Megura, Better Outcomes for Life

Speed & organization.

David Reny, Energy Solutions Consulting

You were honest and accurate and fast.

Marlene LaRock, Action Brothers Core Drilling

Everything was perfect!


quick to respond and answer questions

Tou Lee, e-connect

Quick and responsive

Clark Everitt, 25000 Ave Stanford Group

The website was easy to use and the video help was outstanding. Please make the social security number feature more secure or at least make clients feel safer about surrendering that info.

Merian Shaneen Terry, iServe Virtual Customer Solutions

Everything was quick and seamless.

Joshua W Berbee, Precision Aerial Training

Delivered and completed the formation of LLC in a very short period of time as well the initiation of EIN

Soubhi M. Alaryan, GARBANZO

Joey is extremely professional

Edward Vidal, 2415 Landing

Make is free

Gary L Greenberg Trust Dated June 30, 2008, RBSTTX

I paid my fee on Wednesday- got a confirmation call & email on Thursday which was great!

Latoya Sang, Ice Fantasies

You did exactly what you promised. Was easy and efficient. Thank you!

Pamela Fowers, Endless Potential

Fast and easy service. I was very pleased

Rachael Bourgeois, Gearhead Auto Repair

It was a wonderful experience. Professional, fast, thorough. Thank you!

Lisako Bridgewater, Zen Bridge Talent

Better Legal was amazing. Filed and all done in 3 business days. One of the most reasonable than almost any service that files and has it completed so quickly. One thing to improve is the entire form filling experience could be much better e.g, giving options to use info about the same individual to be copied rather than entering multiple times.

Harshkumar Sancheti, Cosmos Entertainment

Speed was a big consideration and I received my company as advertised Your support team was there to "hold my hand" and walk me through the process every step of the way - they are very helpful and most importantly, very patient There was an error in the document they processed, but as soon as I pointed it out, they set out to remedy it with the state. all is correct now.

Nancy J. Saur, Cayman Pace

Step were spelled out. Questions were easy to understand.

David Vazquez, Countfident

I feel the service is good but overpriced.

Kim Doreen Middaugh, Pennsylvania Wine School

Process was easy and turn around as stated,

Michael T. Wells, GIW LOGIS

Everything was done well. Excellent service.

Wesly Vincik, Sky Energy Resources

Fast!!!! Accurate! Questions answered via chat quickly and by a real person who actually knew exactly what they were talking about! Not to mention, the pricing was reasonable. I’ve been telling everyone I know.

Abby Zimmerman, HIATS

Not sure anything else needs to be done better, it was easy as it should be.

John D. Thompson, JDW Consulting

Cost effective and quick. However, when I went to check on progress, how to make contact was not easy to work out.

Andrew J Darbyshire, Epifne USA